project overview

Located in an expensive location, inheriting synchronous transport infrastructure, flexible connectivity as well as available regional infrastructure with many outstanding utility projects, the project brings a new vitality to the community. area, awakening the potential of the southern area of ​​Hai Duong city, contributing to creating a completely new face for this masterpiece land.
The project is planned with an area of ​​194ha and is divided into many functional subdivisions such as townhouses, villas, apartment buildings, high-class commercial centers, green parks, squares, Opera houses, etc. food court, hospital, hotel, school… Nam Hai Duong urban area has become a typical project that changes the appearance of the area, bringing a youthful, modern, and perfect living place.
The project is designed by Japan’s leading urban design consulting group Nihon Sekkei International, including fully public space, high-class utility services. Possessing a unique and intersectional architecture between modernity and tradition, the entire urban center space is designed with utility works.
Blending modern architecture and the advantages bestowed by nature, the new urban area south of Hai Duong city appears as a vivid and charming picture of life.
New urban area project in the south of Hai Duong city has completed construction investment phase 1 (The payback project of the 62m-long road project in the form of BT contract) with a scale of 80 hectares and a total investment of 65 million USD, has been put into operation since 2019.
Location: Gia Loc district, Hai Duong province.
The scale of area: 499 hectares, of which Division 2 is: 194 hectares.
E-commerce: More than 15,000 billion VND, of which E-commerce Division 2 is more than 3000 billion VND.
Implementation period: Since 2012
Implementation progress: Currently investing in completing technical infrastructure works in subdivision 2 of urban areas.